Where It All Began

Among the many castles of Copenhagen, Christiansborg is my favorite. Christiansborg Castle is the “Center of Power” as The Parliament, The Supreme Court and The Queen’s Reception Rooms are all located here. The Castle is constructed on top of the ruins of Bishop Absalon’s old fortress, which he built in 1167, whereby he founded Copenhagen.

Before we enter the Queen’s Reception Rooms, we pay a visit to Frederik VII. and hear about the Constitution. We also get to see the balcony from where the Danish monarchs are proclaimed.

The castle is alive and vibrant as it is a workplace, and you will sense an atmosphere of gala events as we enter through the Giant’s Hall and continue up the King’s Staircase.

In the Audience Room our thoughts will go back to 1940 when a little Princess was born. A Princess who should later become the very popular Queen Margrethe II.

We shall meet Europe’s Grandfather along with the entire family, children and grandchildren, and from here we move on to the World’s history. In the Great Hall we will find Bjørn Nørgaard’s Tapestries, which were a gift for The Queen at the occassion of her 50th birthday. Here we can immerse ourselves in more than 1000 years of history in a comic version.

Two faces are hiding in the marbled walls, and we will find these before heading on to the Library with more than 10,000 books. Here we will meet Hans Christian Andersen and Ludvig Holberg.

Join me and discover my favorite castle in Copenhagen!

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