Roskilde, back to the Viking Ages

Denmark is known worldwide for the unique Scandinavian period The Viking Age, and only one hour’s drive from Copenhagen lies Roskilde by the fjord. Here there is a great opportunity to explore ancient Viking ships.

Even before we arrive to Roskilde you will be able to see the Cathedral’s two tall towers with their spires, and this is where we will make our first stop.

We will take a closer look at the architecture and will pay extra attention to the many extensions that houses chapels and royal tombs. Because they have been constructed by different Kings and Queens, they all vary in style.

From behind the Cathedral there is a spectacular view over Roskilde Fjord to where we will continue for a visit at The Viking Ship Museum. Amongst others the museum houses 5 original old viking ships as well as the Sea Stallion Glendelough, which in 2007 sailed to Dublin and back again.

The museum’s workshop is an opportunity to watch wood carving and rope making before we set sail to go back to Copenhagen.

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