A Fairy Tale of Copenhagen

Almost all of Copenhagen relates to Hans Christian Andersen, and therefore we can plan the tour as it suits you or your guests the best, by bus, by foot or by bicycle.

At the age of only 14 Hans Christian Andersen arrives to Copenhagen i 1819. He enters through the western gate of the city wall and meets a busy and dirty city that buzzes with life and noise. It was here that he found inspiration for his many fairy tales.

The tour goes by Nyhavn as Andersen had several homes in this area. Nyhavn is located close the The Royal Theatre and exactely theatre was the author’s big passion. This is also where we will find the Academy of Fine Arts and in those days The Botanical Garden was located here, so Andersen linked these two in the fairy tale Little Ida’s Flowers.

The King’s Garden is where we will find one of the two Andersen statues in Copenhagen, and the poet came here often to sit in the shadow and write on his fairy tales. The National Gallery is neighbour to the garden, and here we can find references to Andersen’s many fairy tales, or we can experience Copenhagen at the time of the poet in the collection of Golden Age paintings.

The Little Mermaid is one of Andersen’s most well-known fairy tales, so the tour goes to Langelinie to see the famous statue which has become the symbol of Copenhagen.

Close to Amalienborg Palace lies the home of the Collin Family where Andersen spent many good times, and nearby we will also meet the composer Hartmann, who was both a personal friend and who played the organ at the funerial of Andersen in the Church of Our Lady in 1875.

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